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VETRI is a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer platform governed by the VETRI Foundation. Together with our community of visionaries, we are determined to create a fairer data economy, with the individual at the center.

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Procivis, our parent company, was founded in October 2016 emboldened by a clear mission: to empower individuals by providing them with trusted and compliant digital identity solutions they can fully own and control. We are based in Zurich and proud to call Switzerland home.

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8001 Zürich
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We live the Swiss mentality.

  No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big. As a Swiss Foundation, we emphasize values such as reliability, transparency, and equality. However, to serve all our stakeholders, we think globally and cooperate with partners from around the world. In our work, we embrace diversity and appreciate each other's unique strengths, creating an environment where individual expression thrives.

The team.

At VETRI, we are driven by a common mission: enabling internet users around the globe to take back control of their data and managing their digital footprint. To make this happen, we recruit experts from all around the globe to join our core team in Switzerland. Our specialists are amongst the best in their respective fields and called forward by our mission to empower individuals and help them enter the data economy in a safe, fun, and simple way.

Aleš Machander

Creative Dock Advisor

Christian Sillaber

Senior Researcher IT-Security

Christoph Rüdt

Strategic Communication

Eva Kaili

Member of the European Parliament

Grégoire Notz

Managing Director Notz Stucki Group

Guido Rudolphi

Blockchain & IT Security

Guilherme Sperb Machado

ITO Advisor & Senior Software Engineer

Lili Zhao

Investor Relations Advisor

Lucas Betschart

President Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Lukas Wadsack

VETRI Foundation Board Member

Malik El Bay

Blockchain Entrepreneur

Michael Guzik

ICO Manager - Blockchain Valley Ventures

Monique Morrow

President of VETRI Foundation

Ozan Polat

Blockchain Consultant & Entrepreneur

Roger Wirth

Information & Cyber Security

Rolf Rauschenbach

Strategy Advisor & Political Scientist

Ronald Kogens

Legal & Regulatory Counsel FRORIEP Legal Ltd.

Thomas Bocek

Professor for Distributed Systems at HSR

Daniel Gasteiger

Founder and Project Owner

Adithya Pradeep Kumar

Business Development Manager

Carlos Manuel Dreyfus

Marketing Co-Lead

Dominique Kunz

Community Manager

Michaela Zezulková

Communication Manager

Patrick Graber

Marketing Co-Lead

Alexander Brozek

Systems Engineer

Andrey Skripnikov

Product Specialist

Pascal Steiner

Intern Software Engineer

Eduard Čuba

Software Engineer

Giorgio Zinetti

IT Co-Lead

Jakub Růžička

IT Co-Lead

Krzysztof Adam Górski

Legal Specialist

Martin Koptík

Smart Contract Developer

Michal Černý

Full Stack Developer

Michal Dvořák

Data Engineer

Michal Vodička

API Architect

Pavla Škorpilová

Project Manager

Severin Candrian

Head of Product Design

Sven Stucki

Senior Architect

Tim Freuler

Project Manager

Yves-Alain Petitjean

VETRI Foundation Board Member

VETRI updates – Stay up to date.

Never miss a beat! In this section, we will provide you with everything you need to know about our Technical Development, UX, Human Resources, as well as new global trends in the data economy.

May 15, 2019
Community AMA with Yves Petitjean
Yves Petitjean, co-founder of VETRI, joined us on Telegram for a community AMA. Due to technical issues, the AMA had to be cut short. This is an extended version of the answers that were given.
May 14, 2019
VETRI concludes first partnership
We are very excited to announce that VETRI has signed its first letter of intent (LOI) with a data consumer for our marketplace.
May 13, 2019
How does VETRI work?
This piece will shed some light on the magic that happens in the background of the VETRI dApp based on the most common questions we have been getting from users.
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