Blockchain and VLD Token

VETRI is built using Blockchain technology and distributes VLD tokens for each data transaction that occurs in its ecosystem.

Explore more about our integration and see the VLD token in action

Download Whitepaper
Download Whitepaper

How VETRI uses Blockchain

VETRI could not exist without Blockchain technology, we make use of many of its principles such as Cryptography, Zero Knowledge Proof, and the ERC-20 standard.


Advanced encryption is applied to each individual user within VETRI, ensuring that the integrity and the privacy of their data are secured and that only they have access to it.

Zero-Knowledge Proof

This cryptographic technique allows two parties to prove that something is true, without revealing any information about what that something is. VETRI uses off-chain computing to make the technology scalable for its uses.


VETRI’s native token, the VLD, follows and adheres to the rules of ERC-20 as it is widely recognized in the industry for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Fueled by the VLD token

Our regulatory-approved token is recognized and officially classified as a hybrid payment/utility token by the Swiss financial authority (FINMA).

A Payment Token

Provides a unit of value for the type of anonymized personal data traded on the VETRI marketplace

A utility Token

Provides access rights to its holders to our ecosystem. Data Consumers have rights to push offers and our Users can access deals in our marketplace (The VETRI App). Will also play a role in the attribute validation process of the VETRI agnostic SS eID platform.


The infographic explains the flow of the VETRI native token, what is it ned for, by whom, who sends and receives it, and for what purpose

The Analytics behind the VLD

We want to bring transparency to the VLD, here you will be able to see real-time analytics on transactions occurring on the VETRI blockchain.