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We understand how important personal data has become for tailoring your offering to the needs of your customers. The VETRI data marketplace allows you to purchase highly relevant data directly from individuals - fully transparent, compliant, and secure.

Verified Respondents

VETRI ensures maximal authenticity of the provided data by verifying each user’s identity. This eliminates fabricated or duplicate profiles and guarantees that you are working with a trusted and reliable pool of users.


Our platform is run by the not-for-profit VETRI Foundation. VETRI does not charge fees or commissions for the use of our platform. Everything you pay goes directly to the users who share their data with you.


By using VETRI, you purchase data directly from individuals - fully compliant with GDPR. Data privacy is increasingly important for businesses and their reputation - therefore, user data is fully anonymized when shared with you. Further, VETRI employs encryption technology for safe and trusted data exchange.


VETRI users import their social media and device data into their VETRI app. Based on the user’s preference, these attributes can be used for targeting and finding your perfect audience.

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Aug 05, 2019
VETRI token economics
As we are approaching the main net release of VETRI, it is high time we address the topic of token economics, or, put more simply, the various economic factors and levers involved in the value creation, and, ultimately, the price appreciation of our native VLD’s.
Jul 22, 2019
STEM/MARK pilot go-live
We are excited to announce that we will start our first pilot with our partner STEM/MARK in the week of August 12. It will last for 6 weeks and our partner will invite between 2500 and 3000 of their panelists to download VETRI, respond to surveys and share their data.
Jul 15, 2019
What happens when you click?
What exactly happens when an ad is being displayed to you? Let’s have a closer look at the fascinating world of programmatic advertising.
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