We were particularly excited to welcome a special guest from the Netherlands. One of our community members who also happens to be a very skilled multi-media artist, flew in to visit the team, document the meetup and produce a company video together with us. Thank you very much for visiting us, Leroy! It was a blast to have you around!

The meetup was moderated by our community manager Dominique, who introduced the newly appointed VETRI Foundation board. Monique Morrow, former Services CTO at Cisco and President of the VETRI Foundation talked about her vision for the project, revolving around global identity, fair data and ethics in technology.

Yves Alain Petitjean, former M&A professional, co-founder of Procivis and Trustee of the VETRI Foundation focused on the adoption of VETRI’s new paradigm by the industry. He emphasized the positive reactions he has been receiving from industry leaders: “Something’s in the air. Over the past year, people really started to get the memo, that fundamental change in the area of personal data ownership is inevitable. Consequently, we’ve been getting expedited access to industry leaders around the world”, he said.

Yves also talked about the milestones, VETRI has achieved over the past year, including the legal establishment of the Foundation and the timely launch of the MVP. In that context, he provided an important update on data consumer partnerships, details of which will be publicly announced shortly.

The last part of the presentation contained an outlook on future milestones. The first one being the public launch of VETRI in the Czech Republic by the end of June. Yves also hinted at the next use case of VETRI beyond market research: marketing-as-a-service. He explained that his vision was nothing less than turning marketing on its head, making it a useful service for consumers rather than a nuisance. With these ambitious goals, the presentation was concluded and the meetup proceeded to its most exciting part: the unveiling and testing of the VETRI MVP. After having a first look at the app, participants were invited to grade different parts of the UX flow on a large printout on the wall. The famous VETRI chocolate machine also made an appearance. It rewarded participants with chocolate tokens for sharing their wishlist of features for VETRI.

We’d like to take this opportunity to again thank everyone who joined us to celebrate our launch and the first batches of testers who have been busy exploring every corner of the app to make sure we catch every bug before our public release in June. You all are playing an important part in making VETRI a success.