The VETRI app went live on the App and Google Play Store

We were very excited to move our app to the public stores to make it accessible to anyone (App Store, Google Play Store). Currently, the survey functionality is locked by an invite code. This is to enable us to onboard the users of our pilot partner STEM/MARK and to observe and report their performance. After the conclusion of the pilot, we will update this policy and allow other users to access surveys as well.

We hired a market maker

As announced in our piece of token economics, the VETRI Foundation decided to hire the services of a market maker in order to provide liquidity on the VLD market in anticipation for the on-boarding of future partners. The contract has been signed in the second week of August. The market maker is currently in the process of setting up the accounts and adequate algorithms. You can read more about the market maker here.

Partnership discussions

We have intensified discussions that have been going on since the beginning of summer and look forward to updating you with concrete names over the next 2 months.

Hand-over from Procivis to VETRI Foundation was concluded

As of September 1, the hand-over process which began with the establishment of the Foundation at the beginning of this year has been concluded. This marks the completion of another important milestone we set out in the White Paper. Having its own legal entity is important for VETRI’s agility but also for our ultimate goal to become an open-source, not-for-profit project. To reflect this next step forward in our journey, we have adjusted our website. Let us know what you think!

Pilot update

Our partner STEM/MARK is looking to onboard 2500 to 3000 of their panelists onto VETRI and conduct around 20 surveys over the course of the pilot. The on-boarding was supposed to start with a soft launch in the 3rd week of August. There was a small delay due to complications with the approval process on the App Store and a recently discovered vulnerability in a third party library which made an update of the infrastructure necessary. Both issues have been addressed and we are confident that the pilot will be able to proceed next week.