What happened in August

Over the course of the last month, we have been working on reviewing our online presence as part of our content marketing strategy. As a result, we have redesigned the look and our overall vision for the VETRI blog. Make sure to check back regularly as we publish updates and news around data privacy, digital identity, blockchain technologies and of course, the VETRI team.
The VETRI product team has been busy finalizing the product specifications and user journeys based on our market research and feasibility analysis. Having clear guidelines and descriptions of individual product features, both from the development and product side, helps us visualize the first version of the VETRI wallet and plan other activities such as development sprints, marketing campaigns, and talks with potential partners.
The tech team has been progressing on the implementation of the Decentralized Identifier (DID) standards for the identity component of the VETRI wallet. Furthermore, a lot of time and brainpower was invested into the design of the first VETRI marketplace prototype, defining the ecosystem architecture of the VETRI wallet application, as well as fine-tuning the planned development sprints.


  • Community Manager Dominique Kunz presented the VETRI use case for identity and personal data management to SMEs at RUZ Aarau

  • Head of Business Development Patrick Graber attends the MyData conference in Helsinki (Aug 29 – 31) to exchange ideas with other actors in the data privacy field.

  • Meet Daniel Gasteiger at the HSG Alumni Conference (Aug 30 – Sept 1), Focus Session 5: Blockchain based governance: the next step in our political infrastructure and how it would work  in corporate governance

What’s next (September)

For September, we are planning the redesign of our website, moving away from an ITO focus towards a product-based website describing the vision of VETRI to a more mainstream audience of future users. We have already started reviewing the structure and content of our website. On the technical side, we will be focusing on the development of features which form part of the VETRI wallet, amongst them establishing a verification flow to allow VETRI users to request validation of their identity data and implementing a secure storage which allows for customized query mechanisms for data exchange requests.

VETRI in the news