The VETRI team is off to a great start into 2019, being able to announce the official establishment of the VETRI foundation under Swiss law. As board members, we were able to welcome three highly accomplished individuals which already demonstrated their dedication to the VETRI cause over the past year: Monique Morrow (President), Yves-Alain Petitjean and Lukas Wadsack .

The newly appointed board members headed straight to Davos to meet important stakeholders and potential partners of VETRI at the side of the annual World Economic Forum.

On the operational side, we have entered the final phase before the MVP release in April. The entire team will be holding a workshop on February 8 in order to kick-off the final sprint. We look forward to releasing more detailed information about the roll-out in the February and March community updates. Mark your calendars for February 28, when we will be hosting an AMA in our official Telegram group.

VETRI has been added to Blockfolio Signals and Delta Direct. If you use either one, be sure to subscribe to our updates in order not to miss any important news.

The coming months will mark a pivotal phase for the VETRI project. The team together with the newly appointed Foundation board are excited and motivated to move into this roll-out period. To make VETRI the global revolution it is intended to be, we will strongly rely on our community, which has already done a great deal in supporting us over the past year since the ITO. We know that there is a broad range of knowledge and skills amongst our community members which could contribute to making this launch a success. Do you have an idea or skill you would like to support us with? Reach out to our Community Manager, Dominique via Telegram (@Dominique_Kunz) or email (