We are excited to provide you with the final update before we will release our roadmap!

It has now been confirmed that we will officially release our roadmap on July 13. The evening before, on Thursday, July 12, we invite you to our office at Trust Square in Zurich, where we will host our first community meetup and provide an exclusive preview of our roadmap. It’s also your chance to meet our team and a number of special guests in person. So, if you’re able to travel to Zurich, don’t miss it! You can sign up for the meetup here. Of course, we will keep all our community members around the globe updated about the outcome of the meetup and the discussions held on the night via our usual communication channels.
In case you will have follow-up questions about the roadmap or anything discussed at the meetup, you’ll get the opportunity to ask them at our upcoming AMA with Daniel Gasteiger on July 18 on Telegram.

What happened this month

The weeks following our last community update were filled mainly with market and technology testing. Based on the thorough research we conducted, we were able to shortlist a number of highly relevant use cases for VETRI. Along with potential partner meetings and further technical feasibility studies, we are continuing our focused research and test some of the use cases we shortlisted until the end of July. The information we’ll gain from this will complement the market insights that we have collected to date.
In particular, the information we expect to have at the end of July should give us a good idea of how relevant different aspects of VETRI’s value proposition are with various audiences. Furthermore, we are investigating the appropriate channels to attract future users of VETRI, and the types of communication those audiences are most likely to respond to.


The VETRI team has not only been focused on research. Different team members also presented the project at a variety of events in Switzerland and abroad:
Our Community Manager Dominique Kunz presented VETRI as a blockchain use case for the provision of standardized personal data to the insurance industry at BiPRO Tag 2018 in Düsseldorf (picture top right).
At Trust Square, Procivis AG, together with partners, launched an event series labeled “Women in Blockchain. The events aim to increase diversity in the blockchain space as part of our commitment to inclusion. The kick-off event on June 12 was a great success, featuring key notes by Carmen Walker-Späh, Economics Director of the Canton of Zurich, Mark Branson, Director of the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA), and Manuel Sager, Director-General of the Swiss Agency of Development & Cooperation (SDC).
Our CFO Yves-Alain Petitjean presented the VETRI ITO at the Lift16 conference in Geneva to provide people with an understanding of what can be achieved by conducting a token sale for an open source platform and showcased best practices.
We were particularly excited to see our CEO Daniel Gasteiger and advisors Josef Jelacic and MEP Eva Kaili form part of the Blockchain Adoption Round Table at the European Parliament on June 6. (picture bottom right)
Our Business Development Specialist Adithya Pradeep Kumar outlined the transformational potential of self-sovereign identity at Crypto World Zug . (picture bottom left)
Last but not least, Daniel Gasteiger spoke on the topic of identity management at the Crypto Valley Conference next to a number of other well-known Blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe. (picture top left)

What’s next?

With the release of our roadmap approaching fast, we would like to give you an idea of the topics that will be covered:
The first part of our roadmap will review the progress we’ve made during the past three months. Building on this, the timeline for our MVP will be presented, together with information about the technical options we plan to pursue. In addition to the technical aspects, the roadmap will also explain our branding and marketing strategy, which will create a firm basis for our solution to be rolled out and actively promoted to all target audiences. And finally, our roadmap will touch upon the progress made in establishing the VETRI foundation and the timeline for its official registration.
The VETRI team is looking forward to continuing our exciting journey together with our community. We hope to see you in Zurich on July 12 and will be in touch with our next update right after the meetup. Be there or be square!