As a distributed team, collaborating virtually is our second nature. And although we do miss the company of other cool startups in the co-working spaces that host us normally, we are all well equipped to set up our offices at home.

Consequently, the integration of our strategic partner Lucid, which was announced at the beginning of February, has been progressing as planned. We have completed the API integration into our backend and are now busy with implementing the necessary changes in the app and upgrading the user experience (UX) with some of the learnings we drew from our pilot in the fall. The soft launch of the integration is still planned for the first half of Q2. 

In parallel, we have begun to recruit test users with previous experience in survey taking apps to test and provide feedback on the first version of the integration.

On the go-to-market side, we have been optimizing our Google ads grant to acquire waitlist signups. Additionally, we were able to secure a collaboration with the gaming eCommerce platform, which has 130k registered users worldwide. will invite its German users to join VETRI and will also offer credits for their online store in the rewards section of the app. Together with, we are piloting a new type of partner incentive program which we hope to expand if it proves to be successful. More detailed information on the partner program will follow.

We are more motivated than ever to bring VETRI to market as fast as possible. The online survey business does not seem to be impacted by the crisis, quite the contrary. The current situation again demonstrates the importance of the digital economy and the potential it holds for all of us. We are excited to provide our users with an easy gateway to participate in this value creation from the safety of their homes.