For the first 3 weeks, the app could be accessed via invitation only. After this first test run, we felt confident to open up the app to the general public and right now, any user in Germany can access the app. You can share it with your friends in Germany by sending them this page. 

We are grateful for all the feedback and encouragement we have received from our community of early adopters. Based on this feedback and the initial data we collected, we are currently working on optimizing our survey matching algorithm (finding the best fit between a user’s profile and the targeting criteria of a survey) and fixing a variety of small bugs to make the app more stable. 

In June, we will keep expanding our user base in Germany and plan our entry into new markets. We will also keep adding new features along the way, such as 

  • Rewards for failed survey attempts
  • A user referral program
  • Additional gift card selections

To name some of the top priorities.

For our community members on Telegram, we have hosted another AMA with VETRI Founder Yves Petitjean on May 13. You can read the transcript here