Pilot Update

The pilot with the Czech research agency STEM/MARK has been running for 8 weeks. We are now entering into an evaluation phase together with our partner where we review the quality of data, user acceptance and future use cases. The performance of the pilot has been consistent even as we ramped up the volume of requests provided to users. 

Latest App updates

Over the last month, we focused on expanding the logic behind the survey engine covering a variety of edge cases which we expect to increase as we on-board more users and a wider variety of data requests beyond the pilot. Specifically, we covered:

  • The behavior of expired surveys inside the app
  • Resolving of “pending survey” status on the blockchain

Beyond the pilot

After a successful pilot, we are looking to expand on our first use case “market research”. Over the past months, we were able to gain the interest of several sizable market research agencies and survey suppliers. We hope to be able to form a “consortium” of players with similar needs to jointly use and further develop the infrastructure that we have built, for their market research purposes. Looking ahead to next year, we will start to test the different concept ideas we have for our second use case “privacy preserving marketing as a service”. More on this use case will follow in separate posts.

Market Maker

We are happy to announce that our partnership with the Belgian market maker Key Rock went live this month. The market maker provides efficiency on the VLD market by keeping the spread between buy and sell orders small. As soon as we are ready to switch the entire infrastructure over to using real VLD tokens rather than testnet tokens and we have implemented the reward mechanism inside the app, we expect to see an uptick in liquidity based on the usage of the token in the ecosystem.


During the past month, we were present at a variety of high profile events, growing our network, collecting feedback and spreading the word about VETRI. Some of the events were:

VETRI at Devcon 5 in Osaka

Like last year, the VETRI team participated in the Ethereum Devcon in Osaka, the largest Ethereum Developer conference organized by the Ethereum Foundation. We are looking back on a week full of exciting insights into the latest ecosystem progress and valuable new connections. A special thanks to the community members who reached out and connected during this week in Japan, it was a pleasure to meet you! See you at Devcon 6 next year!