Pilot Update

The pilot with the Czech research agency STEM/MARK was kicked off on September 9. We launched an initial batch of 4 surveys for users to complete. Based on the performance we made improvements to the app and started to send the next batch of surveys this week. Initial performance statistics look as follows:

Number of installs: 796

Total number of surveys completed: 2’105

Percentage of installs which complete at least 1 survey: 66%

Average number of surveys completed by users who completed the 1st survey: 3.94 (4=100%)

The numbers show that there is still room for improvement to make the on-boarding of users more intuitive. The survey completion process itself seems to be working very well since almost all active users completed all surveys which were available to them.

Through October we will keep running different types of surveys on the app and monitoring their performance. At the same time, we are already preparing new features for the phase beyond the pilot, namely the use of real VLD tokens via our own parity bridge and redemption of tokens against gift cards within the app.

Latest App improvements

Since the go-live of the pilot on September 9, we made a variety of improvements to the UX of the app. Amongst them:

  • Faster data transactions and allowing transactions to run in the background while the user completes other tasks on the app
  • Notifications for new surveys and successful survey completion
  • Enforcing of strong PIN and more user friendly lock-out policies

Market Maker

Due to administrative hurdles, the launch of the market maker has experienced a delay. We are working to move the process forward as fast as possible.

VETRI at Devcon 5 in Osaka

Like last year, VETRI will again be present at DevCon, the largest Ethereum developer conference organized by the Ethereum Foundation. If you happen to be in Osaka as well, please do reach out.