Account & Settings 

What is a passphrase?

Your pass phrase is a unique combination of 12 words we call this your  “SEED PHRASE”.  These represent a secure key to your account as your password. Write them down and keep them in a secure place.

Should you for some reason lose access to your VETRI app or delete it, the pass phrase is the only way you can recover the VLD points you have earned.

Be aware that the pass phrase will only help you to recover your tokens and not the data you imported into your app

What if I delete the VETRI app/ or lose my phone?

When you delete the app, all the data in your data vault will be deleted with it. No one will be able to recover your data after you deleted your app or lost your phone. You will also lose access to the VLD you earned by completing surveys.

You can only recover your VLD points if you have previously exported and saved your passphrase.

How can I recover my account?

If you deleted your VETRI app, lost your phone or simply want to switch to a new device, you will be able to transfer your earned VLDs into your new app. Download the app and select “I already have an account”. In the next step you will be able to upload your passphrase. If you do not have your passphrase, there is no way to recover your account. 

How can I secure my VETRI App?

To secure the data inside the app, make a backup on another device, the same way you do it with all your other mobile device data such as pictures. To secure access to your VLD, be sure to export your seed phrase and store it in a safe place. You can find more info on how to deal with your seed phrase below.

What if I lost my pass phrase? 

You can access your seed phrase in the settings section of the VETRI Wallet. If you lost access to your wallet and have no backup of your seed phrase, the VLD points you earned will be lost.

Why was my account locked, what next?

This can occur due to our security features in place along with the surveys to ensure true and fair access to the user.

These flags can be: Software native to your device, foul language, abnormally fast survey completion times across the averages, or VPN use.

Please contact to assist with your account.


Why am I not getting more surveys? 

We are continually updating our partner surveys and marketplace suppliers to provide you with more surveys. Depending on your location, and data the surveys will be sent to you throughout the day based upon your notification settings.

If you are not receiving surveys, please contact 

Is it possible to receive fewer surveys as I use the app?

No. Although we are not able to control how many surveys appear in your survey panel. These surveys usually have a limited time validity that is open to answers so you may have missed a recent push of surveys. 

Why did my survey disqualify me at the end? 

Companies and research agencies create surveys catered to a certain person or demographic. They develop these with specific questions to determine eligibility of your answers for their use. If you are disqualified from their specific conditions VETRI will still provide the opportunity for SWEEPSTAKES rewards to be determined later.

Why did the survey reject me while I was taking it?

Similar to the survey disqualifying at the end. You can also be rejected at any time when you are taking a survey, so the answers will be checked based upon their relevant search criteria. If your answers are outside the group then your data will be rejected, thereby disqualifying you. 

You can also be rejected during answering questions as a way to ensure full and honest participation. You may answer the question multiple times, or answer a predetermined question that should be common knowledge. 

These can be basic math questions (2+2 ), or which is the largest animal, and so on.

Why did my survey close out/or force a popup? 

Surveys are made through external companies through partnerships with our providers. We have measures to ensure all surveys you receive will be functional, have disqualifying questions at the start, and test for faults before they reach you. If you have experienced this issue, please contact us further at

I completed a survey but was not rewarded, what next?

Please contact our support at If you have not received the reward after successfully completing a survey.

If you want to provide more details via screenshots these can help in identifying the issue.

Gift Card & Cash Out

How to Cash out? 

You need to set up and connect your PayPal account, or other supported gift cards, In the rewards tab you can select the desired method. Cash outs are usually immediate or up to  two business days. 

How do I connect my PayPal account to the VETRI app? 

PayPal is our main cashout option for users. You will need to create your PayPal account or to log in to your existing one to receive the rewards. When you have enough VLD to cash in our rewards section you can select the cashout type you prefer. The required VLDS will be displayed on each item.

Connecting your PayPal Account

When you choose to redeem this option for your first time you will have to either login or create your PayPal account. You will see the secure link to use on the page in blue text.

After connecting the account you will be routed back to VETRI to continue cashout. After you confirm the type it can take up to two business days to receive the funds.

If you have not received the funds after the above time, or have issues verifying the account. You can email us at

Can I withdraw/transfer my VLD to an external wallet or top up my balance on my VETRI wallet from external sources?

No. In-and outgoing transactions with VLD are currently not enabled. 

Technical Issues

What kind of device can I use?

We support all device types. Although if your device is an older model it may suffer from timeouts and loading issues common for older software devices. 

Still can’t find an answer. Who can I contact?

You can reach us at

When you contact support you can provide us with your: Wallet ID, Country, Phone Number, and relevant screenshots of the issue. This can help in identifying your problem and resolving it.

About VETRI 

What is VETRI?

VETRI Foundation is a not-for-profit peer to peer platform to empower users while you control your data. Our Survey application is easy and free to join. We are operating currently in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, with more to launch soon.

How can I join the VETRI Community?

Besides downloading and using our application. You can join us on our community page VETRI Foundation. Here you can help to improve our app and your experience through content, feedback, or features on our site.