The VETRI team kicked off the month of February with a workshop to align on the priorities for the final sprints before the MVP release in April. The past few months have not been easy for most crypto projects, with many having to announce layoffs or other drastic cost-reduction measures. While VETRI has of course not been untouched by the crypto winter, we are proud to have been able to navigate these difficult market conditions in a way that allow us to deliver the first version of our solution in April in accordance with our roadmap.

In line with the lean startup method, which we have employed since the start of the MVP development, we will roll-out the MVP in a series of small iterations.  We will start with the very basis of the product and add features based on performance and feedback. This enables us to control costs and incorporate crucial feedback from early-adopters.

Initially, VETRI will focus on the market research industry through data and opinion (survey) request features. Hence the planned iterations will not only focus on the core of VETRI, but also on the features that will be launched in support of this market research use case.

The first milestones in our MVP release look as follows:

Friends & Family Release (April 12th): The app will be released through TestFlight and Play Store Alpha to a limited group of testers who will focus on UX feedback and bug discovery, thus this version is designated for testing only.  Also at this phase, we will give access to third party experts in security and penetration testing.

Community Release (April 30th): After the Friends & Family Release, we will then move to the Ethereum Test Net and begin inviting more testers. In this phase, we will turn to our community for further help with UX feedback and bug discovery.  This is the last step prior to opening the application to the general public. Third party security experts will still be performing security and penetration testing throughout this phase.

Beta Release (June): After testing has been concluded and any discovered bugs fixed, VETRI will be released to the wider public via the App Store and Google Play Store.

This first public release will focus on the Czech market. We have received very positive feedback from both data consumers and data owners in this region. Hence, we think it is an ideal place to test our roll-out strategy and learn for our future expansion into other markets. Another big advantage is that with CreativeDock we already have a strong partner in the region.

We are excited to present VETRI to the world and see our vision of personal data ownership crystalize. A big thank you to our loyal community who has supported us on this journey and will play a crucial role as ambassadors and early-adopters of our solution.

Do you have questions about the upcoming releases? Join our AMA with Daniel Gasteiger on February 28 at 4pm CET in our official Telegram group.