Below we have compiled for you a few ideas of products – from simple to sophisticated – that will help friends and family to stay safe online. For some of them, you can even pay with your BTC or ETH.

1 – A password manager subscription

Strong passwords are the foundation of keeping your accounts safe. But how are you going to keep the overview over these randomly generated, unique passwords? A password manager may be a good option here. Often you can get the basic features for free while advanced functions require a monthly subscription fee. There are many different versions to choose from, depending on your preferences. We have listed 3 options below. 1Password, for example, offers gift cards in a range of amounts and even list the possibility to pay for memberships in a number of cryptocurrencies.
From $2.99/month on 1Password
From $2/month on LastPass
$3.33/month on Dashlane

2 – 2-Factor Authentication hardware key

If you want to take your password game a step further, consider getting a hardware 2FA solution. The key can be plugged into a USB port and serves as an alternative to Google Authenticator or one time codes via text message. Many of them can also be used with your smartphone. Just tap the key on your device to login. Again, there are many options to choose from depending on your requirements. We have listed a few options for you below.
$20 on Solokey
$45 on Yubico

3 – Webcam covers

Better get two of them for your close ones – one for their laptop and one for their smartphone. Webcam covers come in a variety of shapes and designs for you to choose from – you can even buy covers in the shape of cats, for the feline loving relatives of yours. You can choose from simple stickers, to sliding sleek metal covers.
From $4.76 on Amazon
From $5 on Etsy
Or come by the VETRI office and get your very own VETRI webcam cover

4 – Privacy screens

Do your loved ones commute to work or travel for business often? Then you might consider a privacy screen. Privacy screens block anyone looking at your display from outside your 60-degree viewing angle, so anyone next to you will see nothing but a darkened screen. No more reading your emails over your shoulder on a crowded train.
From $17 on Amazon (phone or laptop)

5 – A hardware wallet for cryptocurrency

Less of a privacy and more of a security gadget, we admit. But it might still be the perfect gift for any of your friends who are #hodling their way through crypto winter. The basic idea of a hardware wallet is to securely store your private keys away from your laptop or smartphone. This allows you to log into your account without exposing your private key to potential phishing risks.
$90 CHF on Ledger
$94 on Trezor