We are excited to welcome Jonathan LLamas to the VETRI Board of Directors. Jonathan will be replacing the position previously held by Lukas Wadsack. We wish to take this opportunity to thank Lukas for his 18-month tenure at the VETRI Foundation and for the invaluable support and counsel he has provided since its inception.

As VETRI is about to enter a new phase, one where token management is to become increasingly crucial, Jonathan’s professional experience in investment banking, structured products and trading makes him the perfect fit for the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead.

As an Executive at Verum Capital AG, the leading Swiss blockchain advisory firm, Jonathan helps global corporations build and implement blockchain solutions. Jonathan also teaches an elective course about Blockchain and FinTech use cases at the MBA program of the reputable St Gallen University.

Jonathan will undoubtedly bring along with him invaluable industry insights as well as a vast network of relevant multinational companies. And as VETRI continues its path along the development of its original vision, Jonathan’s synergetic contributions to the project will surely prove to be indispensable.