Dear VETRI Community Members,

I hope all of you are all safe and sound in these tricky times. 

As you might have heard, exactly a week ago we released our first commercial version of the VETRI app in the UK which features a wide array of paid surveys from our strategic partner, Lucid.  

Needless to say, it has been a nerve-wracking week for the team as we patiently scrutinized the key metrics that rolled in, day after day, as they edged closer and closer to some sort of normalization and, slowly but surely, began etching the silhouette of a trend.

Well, we are pleased, very pleased. Particularly in light of the fact that we still have a fair number of bugs to fix and features to add. To be more specific, we are as good, better, or even much better than our peers on just about every comparable performance metric. 

Personally, I am of course stoked about these results as well as I am grateful for all the individuals that made them happen. That being said, I’m not surprised. After all, what’s not to love about VETRI? 

As a refresher, VETRI 1.0:

  • is at the very least 3x MORE REWARDING than leading players in this space such as Swagbucks and Co for the exact same survey.
  • has no access to your data and therefore will NEVER SELL, LEAK OR MISUSE YOUR DATA
  • other

And by “other”, of course, I mean the Metcalfe Law or the Network Effect Valuation methodology, which I shall not discuss here as I have already done so in prior commentaries. Furthermore, I trust that you, the reader, have long made up your mind about the theory and its token price implications.

As for the metrics mentioned above, they will be the topic of a much more detailed community update at the end of the month. The upcoming report will comprise of data not just limited to the UK and German markets but will include data from the US where the VETRI app is due for release this month.

However, here is a quick look at Google Analytics in July:

Note that a “Goal” is defined as a download of VETRI in the UK and Germany or a Waitlist Signup in the USA.  These numbers are the only ones from users who passed through and do not include users who directly download VETRI from the app stores.  The key numbers to look at are Goal Conversion Rate and Goal Completions.

I don’t see any harm in sharing these numbers to you, taken randomly as I am writing these lines, but I have a feeling I will be scolded for it by the team and for the high expectations it might set. oh well!

There are, however, 2 IMPORTANT MATTERS  that members of the  VETRI Board wish to be fully transparent about at this current juncture:

  1. Purposeful (vs. speculative) token buys on the open market is due to commence next month. Volumes traded will only be communicated after the facts but should be expected to be modest at first, albeit growing – dare I say “exponentially”? – within the next foreseeable able few months. 
  2. The application process for a 3rd listing is now engaged and well underway. The non-disclosure agreement we are now bound to preclude us from mentioning any name until further notice and so we thank you in advance for your understanding.

That’s it for today. I wish you a great rest of the week. 

Until next time,