Before the VLD token starts trading on the Lykke exchange on April 27, the Lykke team took the time to answer questions from the VETRI community. You can find the answers below.

Question: Would it make sense that the VETRI KYC could also be used to register on the Lykke platform?
Answer from the Lykke Team: As VETRI team already pointed out, it would indeed make a lot of sense. But KYC requirements are very strict in order to comply with regulations, specifically when applying for licenses like Lykke does. KYC process is constantly evolving to match new requirements. To quote Dominique “while this is a great use case, it is not as easy to implement as one might think.”
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Question: Regarding trading on Lykke, I would like a guide on how to send valid tokens from my cold wallet to my Lykke trading wallet to be able to trade them.
Answer from the Lykke Team: In case you do not have a Lykke account already:

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Question: Is Lykke only tradable on smartphones?
Answer from the Lykke Team: Currently, Lykke full trading experience is available on mobile only. Nevertheless we are currently fine tuning our web platform which will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can beta test it by registering here:
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Question: At what time will VALID be listed?
Answer from the Lykke Team: VLD token will be listed on Lykke at 9am CEST.