Daniel Gasteiger, CEO of Procivis AG was welcomed in Sao Paulo by Edelweis Ritt, CTO of Trubr, marking the start of VETRI roadshow in Brazil. The visit featured a meet up with the blockchain community in Sao Paolo followed by meetings with the Government of Brazil in Brasilia.
The meetup in Sao Paulo introduced Trubr and VETRI to an audience of 50 blockchain enthusiasts. Among the attendees were representatives from the group, Women in Blockchain, Brazil. Edelweiss opened the event with an introduction to blockchain technology. Danny then presented VETRI, sharing his vision of empowering users with a fully self-sovereign digital identity solution which places user control over personal data at the forefront. The VETRI vision resonated with the audience leading to an active Q & A session following the presentation.

The next leg of the roadshow moved to Brasilia for meetings with Brazilian government officials. The discussions revolved around the power of blockchain based digital identity to revolutionize government service delivery. The Procivis eID+ solution was well received by the government officials who presided over the meetings. Speaking at the end of his visit to Brazil, Danny said, “Firstly, I am immensely grateful to Edelweis for the warm reception and local support in Brazil. In the 1980s, Brazil presented the world with one of the most powerful democratic tools, participatory budgeting. Today, blockchain presents the opportunity for Brazil to shape the future of democracy once again. We are confident of returning to Brazil and hope to play a part in shaping this future in collaboration with our partner, Trubr.”