This is a summary of the first VALID team interview. First up was VALID CTO Giorgio Zinetti. The interview took place on March 13 on Telegram and was based on questions collected from the community.
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Dominique: Hi Giorgio. Thanks for taking time to be with us on Telegram today.
Giorgio: Hi all!
Dominique: Our first question from the community comes from TD: „Who will be involved in the implementation of the VALID market place and the proxy layer (integration of different eID solutions)? Only the VALID core tech team? With VALID core tech team I mean Giorgio, Sven and others you will hire in the coming weeks. Will external ‘freelance’ blockchain experts be hired too?“
Giorgio: Yes, adding to the in-house team we are going to establish strategic partnerships to add capacity and expertise. Just yesterday, Darius Niespodziany, joined the team in the capacity of software engineer and a strategic partnership with a technology provider will be announced soon.
Dominique: Second question from the community, also by TD: „As Thomas Bocek is in the extended team, I assume that he will be involved in the implementation of the VALID market place too, is this correct?“
Giorgio: First of all, I would like to thank Thomas for the outstanding work he has done so far and we look forward to having him as part of the advisory team as VALID is being built.
Dominique: Thanks Giorgio! Last question by TD: „When will the implementation of the VALID market place approximately start?“
Giorgio: We want to start as soon as possible, potentially already this summer with a proof of concept.
Dominique: Moving on to the next question. This time by Grigory: „Hi, my question is if the VALID platform could be implemented in the political election process. In my opinion this is also a huge market“.
Giorgio: The identity layer of VALID could be used as the registration platform for elections. In the short term, this is not a use case we are going to focus on but developers could build on top of our project to develop this use case.
Dominique: Next question by Crypto Batman: „There are similar/competing projects working on their own datamarket. Will VLD be looking into some partnership with these companies and integrate with other reward tokens in addition to VLD?“
Giorgio: At the moment, we focus on partnerships in the identity space. Later on, we will evaluate other possibilities for the marketplace.
Dominique: Last question, also from Crypto Batman „Will the maximum supply change with respect to the amount of tokens sold in the Public Sale? 500,000,000 VLD allocated for Public Sale out of 1,000,000,000. If only 250,000,000 VLD are sold in the Public Sale, will the overall supply be reduced to 500,000,000 VLD?“
Giorgio: Yes, that is correct.
Dominique: Great! That was it for today. Thanks a lot for taking the time Giorgio!
Giorgio: Thanks for having me!