As we are expanding the team ahead of the roadmap release in July, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce the team members which have already joined us in the time since the ITO.

Today we interview two of our tech team members, Dariusz (back left corner) and Alex (front left corner).
What do you do at VETRI?
Dariusz: I am building a cross-platform mobile identity application that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain to register and retrieve identities. In the future, I will be extending it with modules to create and exchange claims.
Alex: I am responsible for the maintenance of the VETRI website and the operational IT-infrastructure of the company. Additionally, I am contributing to the development of the android app for VETRI.
Why did you join VETRI?
Dariusz: I was interested in blockchain technologies since early Bitcoin days dating back to 2012. The decision to join VETRI was partly due to my personal interest, partly because I believe in the mission of creating self-sovereign identity systems where people have control over their data.
Alex: I am a strong believer in decentralisation. Too much concentrated power is very toxic in my view. So when I heard about the VETRI project, I got really enthusiastic about the idea to give the power back to the people. I would say it’s my idealistic goal to make it successful. That’s why I wanted to join the team.
What did you do before you joined VETRI?
Dariusz: For over two years I worked for various software houses and startups across Europe as a full-stack developer building products in fintech, insurtech and edtech verticals.
Alex: I was working as a systems engineer for about 10 years in IT-industries like cryptography, education and security. I’m currently pursuing a degree as an economic computer scientist.
What do you like most about working at VETRI?
Dariusz: The novelty of the identity solution that we are building together. Most importantly — fantastic team that shares common values and mission.
Alex: I love to work in a field which is one of my biggest interests. Also, it’s fantastic to be surrounded by so many bright minds. This really boosts my motivation every day.
What is your vision for VETRI?
Dariusz: I personally believe that VETRI will become a new paradigm of online identity, replacing how we identify ourselves in the internet today.
Alex: I hope that the launch of our product will help to educate people about the value of their data and the immense opportunities that come with it.
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