Following the successful completion of the presale, we have received questions from our community regarding the timeline for the minting of VETRI tokens. The token minting process will be concluded in April 2018, at which point participants will receive the reserved tokens in their registered wallets. The token contract address will be announced simultaneously.
Why is the minting process done after the crowdsale?
Investments are allocated to the respective participants on the basis of the time of confirmation of transactions. By law, we are required to conclude the KYC process prior to crediting the allocated tokens to a participant’s wallet. The buffer period following the conclusion of the crowdsale permits for addressing allocation-related grievances (if any) before the minting of the tokens.
Besides these legal considerations, the minting process is also a superior way to allow contributions in multiple crypto currencies and fiat at the same time.
How are investments categorized into bonus tiers?
Investment allocations to bonus tiers are based on the time when the transaction is registered on the blockchain. Overflow transactions from one bonus tier will automatically be assigned to the next tier.