What happened in November

November was a very exciting month for the VETRI team. The development of the ecosystem progressed a lot faster than expected. This allowed us to present our proof of concept already at the beginning of November. You can watch the demo video here.
With the basic ecosystem design completed ahead of the timeline, we considered it a perfect moment to add another – bigger – exchange for our token. Through this, we aim to increase accessibility for future users – both data owners and consumers. For this reason, we decided to participate in the Ethfinex community vote which VLD won by a large margin. As a result, on November 19, VLD became available for trading on both Bitfinex and Ethfinex. We would like to take this opportunity to again thank everyone who voted for us! You can read our official announcement here.
While November was a very successful month for VETRI, it was also a rather turbulent period for crypto markets. In these times of increased uncertainty, we want to proactively communicate with our community about the steps that we have taken in order to protect ourselves against the crypto market volatility. You can learn more about it here.
We are convinced that with a strong proof of concept, a listing on a top 10 exchange and a clear financial strategy, we are on a strong path for the delivery and roll out of the VETRI MVP in April of next year.

Past Events

VETRI Trivia Night at Devcon4
The VETRI Prague team hosted a social side event to the largest Ethereum developer conference.
Web Summit 2018
The VETRI team attended Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon to present our proof of concept to potential data consumer partners.
AMA with the Etfhinex community
As part of our effort to win the Ethfinex community vote, we held an AMA in the Ethfinex community channel.
TEDx Zürich
Community manager Dominique Kunz spoke about self-sovereing identity at TEDx Zurich.
Moontec Tallin
Daniel Gasteiger presented at Moontec Tallinn.

Upcoming Events

UZH Blockchain
Community manager Dominique Kunz will be presenting eID and VETRI at the University of Zurich on Dec 4.

Upcoming in December

Over the next month, the team will be concerned with UX/UI redressing, basically bringing the design and technology together. Furthermore, we will be getting ready for penetration testing and debugging in January. Lastly, we are looking forward to the launch of the Procivis eID+ version 2.0. More details about the release and what it means for VETRI will follow in a dedicated blog.