STEM/MARK is one of the two largest research agencies in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1994, STEM/MARK is a pioneer of the research business in the Czech Republic and is known for setting bench marks for the industry. Amongst others, STEM/MARK has worked with clients such as Tesco, Erste Bank and Pfizer. Their research expertise covers a broad range of sectors from Media, Travel, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Services, Public Sector to Production and Industry. Next to their own mixed-mode panel of respondents (DIALOG) they also founded and are co-owning a network of online panels in the CEE region

We are very happy to have found a partner who is not only committed to use but also to co-develop our market research use case together with us. The access to expertise from one of the industry leaders is invaluable for the future development of the product.

As part of our collaboration, STEM/MARK will on-board parts of their respondent pool onto VETRI, distribute their surveys via our marketplace and remunerate participants in VLD tokens. In return, VETRI provides them with access to new, differentiated pools of respondents that would not have been accessible before and will save the cost of having to verify these respondents. Additionally, they will be able to acquire context data which was previously inaccessible such as user device information and certain Facebook attributes, of course always under the condition of explicit user consent.

Being able to embark on such a promising partnership ahead of our public launch in June is a great success for us and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.