After the successful launch of VETRI in the UK, we decided to immediately look into entering more markets. With that said, USA Android and iOS users can download VETRI starting today and begin earning VLD Tokens through our Market Research use case.

The USA is by far the largest market within the Market Research space, so we are excited to see VETRI’s adoption rate there.  Due to the large geographical size and the high survey volume, we decided to do a soft launch in the 5 major states and expand our user base from there.

In addition, we have also launched version 2.0.8 of the application. This includes bug fixes and some UI modifications. The goal of this new release is to enhance user retention by providing more detailed information about the survey opportunity upfront, something which has been wished for by many users.

Next in the pipeline is integrating more Gift Cards, optimizing the architecture of VETRI, potentially entering Canada, and begin work on the referral program.