Starting from today, UK Android and iOS users can download VETRI’s app and begin completing surveys in exchange for gift cards and cryptocurrency (VLD).  What makes the app so different from other “reward” apps, is that we give cryptocurrency instead of just points and we pay up to 200% more to our users.  This is possible due to our non-profit foundation status and our goal of giving people a fair price for their data and time.

This release is a major milestone for the VETRI Foundation since it will act as a stepping stone towards entering other English speaking countries such as the USA and Canada.

In addition to releasing VETRI in the UK, the application received a major overhaul in the way its blockchain interacts with the application when releasing VLD tokens to users who completed the surveys.  Other changes include minor fixes and adjustments mostly in UX.  Enhancements will continue with more updates planned in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, we have begun our marketing push to onboard users, in addition, will work to actively onboard German and UK users who visit their website.  We will keep you updated and looking forward to communicating more milestones as they come.