In the next two months, we are at various events and on an extended roadshow with Procivis and VETRI. At the meet&greets, Daniel Gasteiger will present the first demo of the VETRI wallet. Please make sure you reach out to us at an event near you!
Jan 10: Zurich (Wemakeit “Blockchain Culture”)
Jan 16–17: London (Binary District “Blockchain for e-Governance”)
Jan 17–18: St. Moritz (Crypto Finance Conference)
Jan 23–24: Davos (“GBBC Blockchain Central” @ World Economic Forum)
Jan 25–27: Kiev (
Feb 15–17: Sao Paulo (VETRI meet&greet)
Feb 18–20: San Francisco (VETRI meet&greet)
Feb 21–23: Tokyo (VETRI meet&greet)
Feb 24–25: Seoul (VETRI meet&greet)
Feb 25–27: Hong Kong (VETRI meet&greet)
Feb 27–28: Bangkok (VETRI meet&greet)
Mar 1–3: Prague (VETRI meet&greet)
Mar 6–7: Berne (Swiss eGovernment Forum)
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See you soon!