In order to tackle this challenge, we designed a strategy that takes advantage of the technology and the economics of VETRI. Thus, we would like to introduce you to the VETRI Partners Program.

How it works

The program is directed towards any entity, influencer, or organization that has a substantial user base, allowing them to share revenue via microtransactions. The program will work the following way

  1. The partner will invite users to download VETRI through their desired channels: email marketing, social media, etc.
  2. Every time a user makes a transaction within VETRI, the partner will receive a small revenue share. 
  3. Once a month, the partner will be paid in fiat and/or VLD tokens.

The pilot phase

Our first partner and the one who will pilot this initiative is the eCommerce gaming website has been co-founded in 2014 by one of our team members and has grown a global verified user base of over 130k in addition to thousands of unique visits a month. We are happy to be able to make use of the synergies between VETRI and to rapidly pilot this idea.

How partners can benefit

What makes this partnership interesting for, is that besides earning revenue with their users through the microtransactions, they will also be offering store credits within the rewards section of VETRI. These credits can be purchased with VLDs and can be used when making purchases on their website. It is expected that through this initiative, will be able to increase revenues from users who wouldn’t have purchased otherwise or who decided to spend more per shopping basket. We are confident that the partnership will be successful, which in turn will be a great case study to help onboard other eCommerce stores from different product sectors.  

Finally, the VETRI Partner Program will create additional value within our partnership with global sample provider, Lucid. Not only will Lucid be providing the primary source of market research within VETRI, but we will also collaborate to onboard more partners onto our platform. Where before every entity with a user base had to set up their own technical integration with the Lucid survey marketplace, they can now use VETRI to onboard their users and share revenue.

Interested? Get in touch!

We expect to begin expanding this initiative towards the end of Q2, so if you would like to learn more about becoming a VETRI Partner, please contact us at