VETRI Token Sale Statistics

April 2018

“Funds raised: equivalent of 10.73m USD”

Written by: Dominique Kunz April 20, 2018

The VLD token has been released and we are happy to provide the community with the relevant statistics.

Funds raised: equivalent of 10.73m USD

Total of tokens minted: 449’848’163 VLD

Total of tokens designated for distribution to participants: 224’924’082 VLD

Number of participants: 1’599

Number of countries: 69

Major contributing region: D/A/CH

Distribution of tokens held by the company

Foundation (9%): 40’486’334 VLD

Procivis (9%): 40’486’334 VLD

Growth Fund (30%): 134’954’449 VLD

ITO Costs (2%): 8’996’963 VLD


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