The VETRI team is excited to share the news of its upcoming listing on Ethfinex and Bitfinex. In our blogpost from earlier this year, we offered an insight into the criteria which informed our engagements with exchanges. In Ethfinex and Bitfinex, we see crypto exchanges which could deliver the liquidity and reach needed to make the VLD token accessible to a wider audience in preparation for the launch of our marketplace in April 2019.
VETRI was selected to participate in the Ethfinex community vote following an extended screening and due diligence process conducted by the exchange team. The community vote resulted in a resounding victory for VETRI which now paves the way for our listing scheduled for Thursday, the 15th of November. The VLD token can be traded against ETH and USDT on Ethfinex and Bitfinex following our listing. As always, we are immensely grateful to our community members who united once again to help us reach this important milestone.
Those of you who have been following us since the early days of the project know that we have stood by a set of principles that we believe is crucial in developing an ambitious project such as ours. This has meant staying clear of the short-termism, profligate spending and raucous marketing which has plagued the blockchain ecosystem until recently. While this may have caused unease in certain quarters of our community, we try to exercise our best judgement in deploying the resources entrusted to us in a sustainable manner.
As we have always maintained, you, our community are a critical pillar in helping us achieve the VETRI vision. The fact that a community vote rather than the common practice of setting a mountain of cash on fire helped secure our listing, vindicates our belief that we are working on a cause that resonates with a broad audience. This listing is symbolic of all the hard work being put in behind the scenes at VETRI on every front. While the results take time to manifest, we are confident of delivering on the promise we first made to you when we published our whitepaper.
Having taken time to celebrate the listing, we are now back at work and look forward to your continued support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we inch closer to the delivery of our MVP.