Foundation established: In January, the VETRI Foundation is officially established under Swiss law. Monique Morrow (fmr CTO at Cisco), Yves Petitjean (Founder of VETRI) and Lukas Wadsack (Partner at Wadsack Legal) are announced as Trustees of the Foundation Board.

Friends & Family release: On April 12, we launched the first round of tests of our dApp with friends and family of VETRI. Based on the feedback, we prepared for the larger round of community testing.

MVP launch community meetup: On April 29, we hosted the MVP launch party at Trust Square, where community members were invited to meet the team and try out the MVP ahead of the official launch the next day. Special thanks to Leroy from Wijzijnwolf for producing a very cool video of the event and the Foundation.   

MVP launch: On April 30, the VETRI MVP is launched for testing by the community. Over the course of 2 months, 438 community members tested the app and reported a total of 212 bugs, suggestions and ideas. 

Security testing: During the same period of time as the community testing, we also underwent two external security audits which attested to the fact that there were no major vectors of attack on the architecture.

Foundation becomes operational: During the summer months, the VETRI team was busy incorporating the feedback and fixing the bugs which were reported during the community testing. At the same time, the handover of the entire project from Procivis to the VETRI Foundation was being prepared. On September 1, the Foundation took official ownership of the entire project and has been running operations since. 

Pilot in the Czech Republic: We were particularly happy about the launch of our first pilot together with our partner, the Czech research agency STEM/MARK. Starting at the beginning of September, approx. 5’000 members of their research panel were invited to download and test VETRI. Over the course of 10 weeks, panelists completed a total of 21 survey requests. You can read more about the results of the pilot here.

Outlook: As first milestone in 2020, we are going to release a new version of the app which makes use of real VLD tokens and allows users to exchange their earned tokens for gift cards inside the app. With this major step, we are well-positioned to kick off the new year. 

Q1 2020 will be fully focused on closing the deals which we have been building over the past months. Based on these, VETRI will be rolled out to users. Current focus markets are DACH and the UK. 

To stay up-to-date during the course of the year, follow our monthly community updates posted on Twitter and Telegram.