You are just a number to us.

You are just a number to us.

Yes, you read that right! But when it comes to managing your personal data, isn’t that exactly how you would want things to be?

We are a Foundation

At VETRI, we believe in web 3.0 and the fair data economy. We exist to put you, the user, in complete control of your data. And that includes making money from it! After all, isn’t it time that you, the rightful owner, reaps the monetary earnings from your data? We certainly think so.

With VETRI, your data stays in your mobile device and is of course encrypted, but only YOU have the encryption keys. We do not see nor have access to your data. All we do is help you anonymize your data and match it with potential buyers.

VETRI is a not-for-profit legal entity. This means that we have no expensive C-level executives and no Shareholders to remunerate and keep happy. Instead we are legally obligated to keep our profits to a minimum or reinvest them into our platform and for the Greater Good.

Data Ownership

We believe that your data is yours and yours only and not for online third parties to use and abuse. Your data stays on your mobile device at all times and is encrypted with private keys that only you hold.

Fair Data Economy

We believe that individuals should be fairly remunerated for their data. Anything for behavioural data to financial and purchasing data and opinions, once properly anonymised, can generate a steady revenue stream for their rightful owners.

Data Rights

It is high time our fundamental human rights are reflected not just in the physical world, but equally so in the virtual realm which we increasingly inhabit. We strongly advocate individuals’ rights to maintain full control over their data.

Data Vault

The Data Vault of the VETRI app is organized in four categories: Geolocation, Basic Profile, Advanced Profile and Device Data. For each of these data group, you can manage and control who can send you offers, in a fully anonymised way. Based on your sharing options, you will receive notifications for deals that you will be able to accept in exchange for remuneration or to simply reject altogether, thereby choosing not participate to any economic activities in the VETRI ecosystem.

Our Roadmap

See our current progress and future plans for turning our mission into reality. We will add updates here as we complete each goal and progress through our strategy.


Turning vision into reality

Starting with market research today, we are continuously adding new commercial partners and features to enable users to monetize their anonymous data.

VETRI Rewards

Thanks to our native crypto currency, VLD, users of the VETRI app are free to hold them as crypto currency in their wallets or withdraw them against their local currency either in the form of PayPal payments or gift cards from Amazon or Starbucks to name a few.

Market research & surveys

Currently available in the app stores for both Android and IOS and rated as one of the best paid survey apps out there, VETRI Surveys is the first milestone on our product roadmap.

Digital marketing

Next on our product roadmap: VETRI users will be able to earn a passive and steady income stream from their anonymized personal data from selected companies and in exchange for receiving personalised marketing messages.

The VETRI Ecosystem

Behold VETRI, lies a complex system built on blockchain technology that interacts within systems that use the latest JS frameworks for mobile and server-side architecture.

DATA Consumer

These are organizations that collect user data to generate revenue. In our first use case, these Data Consumers are Market Researchers looking to gain insights on existing products, potential future products, political elections, and/or demographic information.

VETRI Market Place

Here is where the Data Consumer posts their offers with the price, task, and/or data requirements. In our Market Research use case, surveys are posted here along with their targeting requirements.

Data Owner (VETRI User)

The VETRI app receives the offers and the ones that align with the user’s data are then displayed to the user. This is done following the ZERO KNOWLEDGE PROOF process.

The user then has full control to accept or decline the transaction of data.

User Data

Users are able to provide their demographic information within VETRI, as well as connect their mobile and GEO data. In the future, users will be able to add more data such as social media and retail data.

Fueled by the VLD token

VETRI uses blockchain technology and the VLD token, ensuring trust in the marketplace and guaranteeing smooth transactions between data owners and data buyers

The VETRI Ecosystem (NextGen)

VETRI is an ambitious venture and a vision that is interdependent with other advancements in the sector. It will take some time, but we’ll get there!

Self-sovereign identity

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control of their digital identities. It is generally recognized that for an identity system to be self-sovereign, users control the verifiable credentials that they hold and their consent is required to use those credentials.

VETRI’s approach

VETRI will collaborate with leading SSI providers and propose an agnostic platform whereby users will be able to select an SSI solution that is suitable for them. The verifiability and reliability of data is the holy grail of digital marketers and market researchers. The ability to discern a real-life, breathing individual with verified demographic attributes commands a significant price premium.

The VETRI Team

Established in 2019, the primary role of the Foundation is to ensure the integrity of VETRI as a fully disintermediated, privacy-protecting interface between data owners and data consumers, and to govern to the principles of data sovereignly onto which is based.

Jonathan LLamas

Co-Founder and Président in

French and Spanish binational, Jonathan is a blockchain industry expert, lecturer at MBA of University Saint Gallen and other European Universities, with a background in investment banking. He subsequently founded Verum Capital AG, a leading consultancy firm as well as investor in blockchain and crypto related initiatives.

Yves-Alain Petitjean

Co-Founder and Board Member in

Former investment banker, Yves founded Swiss leading eID provider Procivis AG, recently sold to Swiss blue-chip company Orell Füslli. He subsequently founded Verum Capital AG, a leading consultancy firm as well as investor in blockchain and crypto related initiatives.

Mikhail Strelkov, Ph. D.

CTO in

Mikhail Strelkov is a full-stack web developer specializing in microservices architecture and blockchain technologies. He holds a Ph.D. of Technics degree in applying informational technologies and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Mikhail is fascinated by building high-quality products and high performant approach to work.

Carlos Dreyfus

Executive Director in

Carlos comes from an extensive background in Digital Marketing, Product Optimization, and E-Commerce. He brings experience from working in large companies such as AVAST and HAVAS, and startups such as Hitfox Group (Ioniq) and VidaPlayer. Carlos holds an MBA from the University of North Florida and a Masters in International Management from the University of Warsaw.

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