This is an abbreviated transcript of the AMA which took place on the official VETRI Telegram channel on February 28.

Palino Pinko: Hi Danny, news about new exchanges?

Daniel Gasteiger: We are in ongoing discussions with exchanges that approach us but no new immediate listing on the horizon. We are comfortable with the current setup given the volumes and the overall market conditions

Cryptolee: Where do you see marketing heading now we are getting closer to alpha release? e.g. build a community/user base

Daniel Gasteiger: We are starting to look at different marketing channels targeting our first market for the MVP in Czech Republic. The marketing will be specific to the use case in question, i.e. survey functionality. Clearly one of the key issues we have is the fact that the overall crypto markets are depressed and we are very carefully looking to invest money into marketing where it has a sustainable impact

Lars: Hi Danny, what are the plans for the time after the MVP release? What will the VETRI team focus on?

Daniel Gasteiger: After the initial MVP release in June we are obviously adding more features for the October full MVP release, we will communicate the details on that once the testing for the initial release has started.

Maxi: I have a question about a blogpost I read earlier. I know your main focus is not the token’s price, but: It is stated that there will be a price stability mechanism, “VETRI will be able to intervene on the market with token buy backs to counteract price falls which may jeopardize the smooth functioning of the VETRI marketplace.” which is nice.

I guess this goes both ways, also to prevent the price to pump on a bigger scale?

+ Do you plan to include some form of advantages in the future to incentive people to hold their tokens?

Daniel Gasteiger: Yes indeed – it goes both ways. But the overall issue at the moment is the overall market, i.e. the fact that we are still in a depressed crypto environment where even proactive actions from our side would not result in anything sustainable. All we can really do at the moment is to deliver to our roadmap and get a working product out there that uses our token to function. If that is successful, the token will become self-relevant and the price should obviously respond to that assuming we also get a more friendly overall market

Muri_K: Hi. Are people outside of CZ able to download the MVP on April and test it? Is there also the possibility to transfer the tokens from elsewhere to the app?

Daniel Gasteiger: For the community phase you can apply from anywhere to get invited to test. As far as the token is concerned, we will use a test net token (not the VLD token) before we have sign off from penetration and security testing

Cryptolee: Are there any plans (or need) for expanding the team?

Daniel Gasteiger: Well, once we have the MVP phase completed we obviously need to enhance the operations team in the Foundation. But for now until the end of MVP development in October we are pretty complete with the team

What we can always use is the community to help us spread the message about VETRI so if you consider that as part of the team then I hope to see us grow substantially in the next month.

Thom Crypto: Do you think the presentation of the MVP does impact the VETRI price?

Daniel Gasteiger: That is of course our hope – but again, if the market is depressed overall it is hard to shine but we are doing our best.

Maria:  You are working on different projects right now, how much (percentage wise) do you allocate for VETRI per week?

Daniel Gasteiger: I would say a day a week is dedicated fully to VETRI now that the Foundation is in place and taking over the external communication activities and partnership negotiations from me. But it varies also week from week and I always talk about VETRI in all my engagements be it for Trust Square or Procivis’ core business as our flagship project of course

I am looking forward also to the testing phase in April where I will dedicate myself to test and demo our solution on a daily basis. Really can’t wait anymore

Maxi: Thanks for your reply and good luck with the planned roadmap. Found VETRI a few days ago and I’m excited to read up all the things that have been written about this project/company in the past months.

Thom Crypto: Zuck is interested in moving authentication to the blockchain by the way…

Daniel Gasteiger: Yes, we obviously know… not sure what else to say to this – he is looking for any way out of the mess at the moment it seems

Benny M: Which Kind of Partners will you have in CZ?

Daniel Gasteiger: We are in discussions with multiple partners in the field of market research and financial services. We are announcing soon who we will launch with

Flo Ko: Hi, do you think it is possible for VETRI to get delisted from Bitfinex? Like it happend to Modum with Binance and Mercatox. Because of low volume or so. Perhaps you have some kind of agreement with them?

Daniel Gasteiger: We have no signs that this is a discussion – obviously we have been chosen late in the game as well and have convinced them thanks to our business idea and diligent execution of the plan.

Maria: Do you have any other information about the DACH region? Like if you are close to sign some other partnerships?

Daniel Gasteiger: We also have other discussions outside of Czech Republic but nothing I can share now. And then we have discussions globally with the Foundation on partnerships that go beyond the immediate use cases but want to partner with us because of the overall vision.

Benny M:  Thank you!  In the Future, the Partners have to buy VLD token, but where?

Daniel Gasteiger: Well we have the Incentivization fund to onboard partners with tokens but that we will only do when the market has picked up so we don’t flood the market with those tokens which would obviously be not in the interest of the current token holders and therein lies the real issue with the current market conditions. But again, we think that the go live of the MVP will hopefully change the picture overall for VETRI’s credibility long term and that the markets recover in general as well which could lead to a very positive momentum overall for us.

Maxi: Do you plan to market Vetri in China considering they have the largest world population? or is it maybe already on it’s way?

Daniel Gasteiger: Eventually yes of course – but at the moment we don’t have the means to conquer China from a marketing perspective.

Maxi: Ok thanks Danny.

Daniel Gasteiger:  We are super excited about what is coming and we need all of you to spread the good news as they come out and please visit us in Zurich if you are in town!

Thanks all and speak soon!