A big thank you to the community members who participated in and contributed to tonight’s meetup.

This blog post is to inform anyone who couldn’t attend about the most important announcements ahead of tomorrow’s roadmap release. This blog is only a preview and all details from each of the key topics covered in the meetup will be addressed in the roadmap released tomorrow.
The evening was opened by CEO Daniel Gasteiger. He kicked off his presentation by offering a recap of the immense progress which has been made over the past months. He further revealed for the first time our partner, Creative Dock who is enabling us to scale up rapidly and catalyze the development of our product.
Danny also unveiled our new and definite brand name. He explained that after having successfully secured funding to implement our vision for a blockchain-based self-sovereign digital identity and personal data management platform, the time is now appropriate to change our project name to a definite brand name, which will allow us to roll out and actively promote our solution on a global scale. Starting tomorrow, July 13, our brand name will be VETRI and our (online) presence will be changed accordingly..

Danny reveals our new name and claim

Having announced our definite, new brand name, Danny went on to offer an insight into the technological development timeline leading up to launch of the complete VETRI product in October 2019. This was followed by an update about the progress made with respect to the acquisition of corporate partners, the establishment of the foundation and operational matters. Of course, he didn’t miss to give an update on our work with exchange listings.
Danny’s presentation was followed by an update from our partner Creative Dock. They provided insights into the key findings of the market research and testing phase. They also elaborated on what these findings mean for the development of our product.
Building on the insights of the research and testing phase, VETRI lead blockchain developer Dariusz Niespodziany took a deep dive into the technology development and gave an outlook on the near-term deliverables, such as the cross-platform mobile application acting as a secure data storage.
The official part of the meetup was concluded by a surprise guest and newest addition to the VETRI team, interaction designer Severin Candrian. He presented the audience with his work on the VETRI user interface. Severin has taken on the challenge to design a blockchain interfacing app that is both appealing and intuitive. The outcome is a user journey based on 30 elaborate screen mock-ups which lets the user experience the functionality without the need to understand the underlying technology.
The official presentation was closed with a Q&A session and an informal exchange between the team and the community. Again, thank you to everyone who participated and made this evening a success. We hope to see you soon again at Trust Square!
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s full roadmap release!

After-meetup drinks on the Trust Square terrace