3 months of growth consolidation

February 23rd, 2021 marked the 3-month anniversary of VETRI’s first working app. During this time, we are happy to report sustained organic growth, best illustrated by the following statistics:

  • Active Daily Users: 23.3%, trailing average Weekly Growth
  • Rewards Earned (USD equivalent): 51.3%, trailing average Weekly Growth

In a market that can be considered as quasi-infinite, particularly from the perspective of our still very nascent and modest operations, we see little reasons to expect this growth to abate any time soon. Unless…

3 months of user feedbacks and 9 months of lessons learned

If the past has taught us anything it would be to never stop being attentive to what our users are telling us. Failing to do so inevitably leads to poor app reviews which ultimately leads to fading adoption rates and ultimately decline. Their messages, often expressed in ratings, were loud and

  • Ensure that new app releases are bug-free (or just about)
  • Integrate Paypal ASAP and sort out the wallet recovery function already!

Prerogatives revisited

We are pleased to confirm that commercial agreements with InBrain and CINT have been signed and integration development for these 2 platforms is well underway. That being said, and for the reasons mentioned above, we are not yet ready to release. Furthermore, in these last 3 months we have had a taste of what hypergrowth could look like (particularly once these 2 platforms come online) and for those of us who have experienced it in the past, whilst it is a good problem to have, it is one best tackled fully armored and ready. In other words, we have been very busy behind the scenes making sure we were fully ready to scale up on all aspects of our operations, notably IT infrastructure, HR, and Finance.

The next few weeks will see the crystallization of a number of new features and releases and we will make sure to let you know first when they are due to drop.