Monique’s career has been dedicated to advancing disruptive technologies for the good of society. For her work, she has been honored with the 2017 DECA International Entrepreneurial Spirit Award as well as the Business Worldwide Magazine’s 2016 Visionary of the Year for Technology, Social Change and Ethics.
At Cisco, Monique advanced the company’s technology footprint through the ideation and conception of new technologies spanning Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality (AI/MR), Blockchain, IoT and M2M services, Semantic Web, Cloud Federation, and the Tactile Internet.
Monique is an Associated Researcher at Alexander Humboldt University Institute of Internet and Society and has various patents to her name.
With her latest project, the non-profit Humanized Internet, she strives to provide a secure digital identity to every person in the world, especially the 1.1 billion people which currently don’t have access to any legal form of identification at all. Monique says:
“I decided to support VETRI because I believe that it has the potential to change the lives of millions of people that are underserved in the current system. Furthermore, I am convinced that the VETRI ITO will set an example in transparency and regulatory compliance, which will increase the wide-spread acceptance of this technology. I am happy to contribute my knowledge and experience to this promising endeavour.”
Sven Stucki, Senior Software Engineer at VETRI, says: “It’s great to have Monique as a member of the team. Her extensive experience with both the technological and societal aspects of digital identity has already produced many valuable insights for VETRI.”