Kicking off the extended roadshow, Procivis AG CEO, Daniel Gasteiger presented the company’s upcoming project, VETRI to a sold-out venue at an event in Zurich hosted by Johannes Gees of Wemakeit.
VETRI is a fully integrated digital identity solution which seeks to empower users to regain control over their personal data. The VETRI marketplace connects users directly to data consumers offering users the opportunity to monetize their personal data in a fully secure and controlled fashion.
Starting with a recollection of his foray into the world of blockchain, the following discussions delved into the importance of a decentralized, self-sovereign digital identity in light of the current abuse of personal data by various players on the internet. He recommends the book, “The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld” by Jamie Bartlett which opened his eyes to the ubiquitous presence of malicious elements on the internet. Procivis AG’s eID+ and its latest project, VETRI are the company’s contribution to addressing these issues and restoring control over personal data to the data owners.
Offering a deeper insight into the project, Daniel explained that VETRI will be developed as an open source, protocol-agnostic platform allowing the integration of different digital identity protocols. By eliminating the storage of personal data in a centralized database and by employing latest developments in cryptography, VETRI mitigates the risk of data breaches and empowers users to become the custodians of their own personal data.
With questions spanning many different topics, the audience engaged actively in the discussions. Speaking about the event, Daniel Gasteiger stated, “We are humbled by the warm response to our vision and with VETRI, we are determined to shift the balance of power in the data economy back to the legitimate data owners, the citizens.”