After launching the VETRI roadshow in front of our home audience in Zurich, the next stop was London. Procivis AG CEO, Daniel Gasteiger was welcomed by Binary District at their first London event, where he offered his insights on the application of blockchain in government services. After his presentation, Danny shared the stage with Patrick McCorry, the UK’s first PhD graduate in cryptocurrencies and current Research Associate at University College London. The event was moderated by Martin Bryant, consultant, speaker, writer and educator on topics of technology and media.
The event started off with a presentation on the work of Binary District in the field of blockchain education, followed by an introduction to the topic of the evening, “Blockchain-powered e-governance” by Martin Bryant. Patrick McCorry then took the stage, addressing the use of smart contracts for decentralized boardroom voting.

Danny’s presentation began with an introduction to his journey into the world of e-Government — a trip to Estonia, the world’s most digital society. Inspired by what he saw, he founded Procivis AG to make this digital reality accessible elsewhere. Procivis AG is currently in the process of delivering eGovernment solutions, engaging the power of blockchain to offer enhanced efficiency, security and privacy to the citizens. Having launched the government trusted eID+ solution in the canton of Schaffhausen, Danny envisions a future in which digital identities will be fully self-sovereign. He explained that this vision is now taking shape with the company’s next project, VETRI, a fully integrated personal data management solution.
The presentations were followed by a fireside chat with the two speakers, moderated by Martin Bryant. Following a riveting Q & A session, discussions from the fireside chat carried on into the informal networking event. When asked about the event, Danny said, “The engagement from all quarters of the audience today reaffirms my belief that we are headed for a future marked by blockchain-powered government. At Procivis, this further inspires us to deliver upon our promise of a digital society which places the citizen’s interests at the forefront.”