With the VETRI crowdsale set to go live on the 24th of February at 12:00 UTC, this post seeks to prepare the VETRI community for a seamless crowdsale experience.
Read this announcement closely and get ready for the big day!

Participation Process

Please note that no previous whitelisting is needed to participate in the VETRI crowdsale. The crowdsale will be initiated via our website http://vetri.global/ . We will NEVER send any pay-in addresses to you directly and neither should anyone else. Please contact the VETRI team if you receive any suspicious messages. In case you are uncertain, double check with the information on our official website: http://vetri.global/ or contact our team directly via email or Telegram.

Methods of Payment

Payments can only be made with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit card payments for the crowdsale due to policy changes by a number of credit card companies. This unfortunate decision does have a silver lining, though: It protects our community from the new risk of credit card companies freezing or reversing credit card transactions.
Please make sure you prepare your funds in advance:

  • If you do not already have BTC and/or ETH, you will need to buy some via an exchange. If this is the first time you’re buying BTC or ETH, you should consider a user-friendly service, such as www.bity.com or www.coinbase.com. Please note that the process of opening an account, transferring the necessary funds and converting them into BTC or ETH could sometimes take several days.
  • Make sure you can access your funds via your preferred service or wallet before the start of the presale.
  • Note that mining fees (BTC) or gas fees (ETH) will apply to your crypto currency transactions.

Receiving your VETRI tokens

Please prepare an Ethereum address and an ERC 20 compatible wallet in order to receive your VETRI tokens. Tokens will be minted after the end of the crowdsale. You can find more information about minting here. Also consider the following:

  • It is important that you control the private key to the Ethereum address yourself. You MUST NOT use the address of an exchange! Doing so can result in the loss of your VETRI tokens. The point below explains how you can avoid this risk.
  • A popular solution to get an Ethereum address and manage its private key is MyEtherWallet.com. You can use the following instructions to set up a wallet with MyEtherWallet. Please note that MyEtherWallet is one of many solutions and the choice of a suitable wallet to be used is entirely up to you. Consider watching the video tutorial for further instructions.
  • Additionally, we recommend considering the use of a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger for increased security.

Terms & Conditions / Know Your Customer

Please read the token sale terms and conditions carefully and note the following:

  • US persons (as per this definition) and minors are not allowed to participate
  • You will have to undergo a video identification process to comply with anti money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Please, note that the KYC process will be initiated AFTER your participation and has to be completed latest by April 17, 2018. You can find more information about KYC here.
  • The minimum contribution is USD 500 (the price of BTC and ETH will be determined at the time of transaction as an average of different exchanges)


Be aware that there may be scamming attempts during the ITO. Scamming can take a variety of forms. To protect yourself, keep in mind a few simple precautions:

  • Never trust any information other than that from our official channels. If in doubt, double check with the information on our official website: http://vetri.global or contact our team directly via email or Telegram.
  • The Telegram admin names are: @Dominique_Kunz, @Ozan1 , @adit_1, @paede12, @svstucki , @GasteigerZRH, @yapZH
  • We will NEVER send any pay-in addresses to you or post them anywhere online (Twitter, Telegram groups or DMs, emails, etc.). Anyone who contacts you with a special offer or asks for you to send them crypto directly is trying to scam you.

  • The only way to participate in the VETRI ITO is via our official website. There is absolutely no other way to participate. Before conducting any payments, always check that your browser shows our official domain: http://vetri.global/with a green mark and a lock. Check very carefully because fraudulent domains may look very similar at first glance. We recommend you bookmark the page so you can safely access it when you wish to participate.

For more information join the conversation on Telegram!