From the beginning one of our goals has always been to protect our user’s data, thus we, at VETRI, take security very seriously and it is ingrained in the way our application was built. 

With that said, we also need to protect our research partners from high risk and fraudulent users.  In order to be efficient at stopping fraud, we built an automated fraud detection system we call VETRI Shield.  Its core purpose is to eliminate bad actors based on the following types of activities:

  • Research Partner Feedback – this is feedback from our partners that highlights negative activity such as:
    • Non-readable language or off-topic text within open-ended questions
    • Completions of surveys that are deemed too fast
    • Inconsistencies in the answers
    • Non-truthful answers
  • Technology being used – this is where VETRI Shield identifies high-risk technologies that have high use within fraud activities and bad actors:
    • Use of VPN or Proxy
    • Use of IP addresses deemed high risk 
    • Non supported country (we only support USA, UK, and DE for now)
    • Failure to pass geolocation analysis
    • Use of emulators

If you have been blocked, but believe you shouldn’t have been, please reach out to us at and we will review your activity. If we find that in fact you shouldn’t have been blocked, we will put you on our whitelist.