A Non-for-Profit Foundation

VETRI is owned and governed by The VETRI Foundation, a Swiss-based non-for-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals monetize their anonymized personal data and whose ambition is to become a leader in the emerging new data economy. As such, we don’t have C-level executives to remunerate with expensive salaries or shareholders to keep happy by maximizing profits. In fact, unlike privately-owned companies, we are legally bound to ensure that our revenue model simply covers our operational costs. In doing so, we are able to sustainably maximize the value we help generate and pass over to our users. Or simply put: we act as a middle man that doesn’t take commissions.

Our Capital is our Native CryptoCurrency (VLD)

The fact that VETRI is a non-for-profit foundation doesn’t preclude it from being a sustainable, competitive business enterprise with its own capital needs and requirements. The source of our capital, however, constitutes the second pillar of what makes VETRI different from the rest. Furthermore, it is the very reason we can exist as a competitive business whilst at the same time have no shareholders and produce no profits, as described above. Our unique source of capital is embodied in VETRI’S own native cryptocurrency (VLD). Finite in its supply, it is akin to the likes of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether while our business model is supported by the very same token economics: the more people use, the higher the demand and consequently the price of our native token.

Up-coming attractions

Users do not need to be crypto enthusiasts or even believers to use VETRI. Indeed, we guarantee the same amount of dollar equivalent earned regardless of the price fluctuation of the underlying cryptocurrency. That being said, our users are reaping all the benefits of earning cryptocurrency-backed rewards and soon will even be paid substantial interest rates on their account balance. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce our expansion into new markets and regions, notably in Europe, as well as the integration of InBrain as our new commercial partner, a global powerhouse in the survey market. Together with Lucid, we are able to offer our users one of the largest paying survey inventory in the business.

Only the beginning

Today our VETRI app rewards individuals in exchange for their opinions. We are working hard, however, in order to expand our offering by developing new app features to help users extract the full value of their anonymized personal data. In the not too distant future, we will be offering our users the possibility to transact directly with data consumers, i.e. every consumer product company in the world, and help individuals sell their anonymized data directly to the highest bidder.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride and help us build the new data economy for the next digital age.